Community groups have a mission which is their first priority.

But their second priority is getting their message out

which involves using the media to help their goals.

The links below are meant to show how deal with the media.



MEDIA RESOURCES List of media resources on this website 1


TAKING THE MEDIA BACK Outline of questions to answer about the media 2


SETTING MEDIA GOALS Use your time effectively when dealing with the media 3


CULTIVATE YOUR IMAGE - Know who you are first 4


MEDIA RESOURCE LIST What media types are available 5


WHO DO YOU CALL What contact people do you need to know 6


GOOD IMPRESSION Tips on interacting with the media 7


THE INTERVIEW - Tips on being interviewed 8


PUBLIC SPEAKING Whether to a reporter or a press conference 9


FACT SHEET SAMPLES Why this is important 10


NEWS RELEASE SAMPLES How to write a news release 11


PSA SAMPLES Scripts for public service announcements 12


LETTER TO EDITOR SAMPLE Writing an editorial / letter for a newspaper 13


EDITORIAL FROM LETTER TO EDITOR What a letter to the editor can do 14


SAMPLE QUESTION LIST Use this to steer an interview 15


MEDIA "HOOK" IDEAS Get the media to cover your story 16


SHOWS THAT TAKE GUESTS KKFI shows that you can get on in KC 17